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Failed White Children

The manner is which White children are being isolated, stigmatised and discriminated against reveals just how anti-White and morally bankrupt our society is. We look at the data and the lives of some of the UK’s most deprived children.


Holodomor is the name given to the genocide of Ukrainian peasants in 1932 to 1933, just six years before the outbreak of WW2. Based on documents and photos we tell the story of how 7 to 10 million men, women and children died of enforced starvation. They were targeted for extermination because they would not submit to the Bolshevik’s communist regime; they valued their nation; and they wanted to retain their own way of life.

NHS Whiteness a Problem for Our Time

This article needs to be read to understand the full meaning of the seminar’s title “Whiteness a Problem for Our Time”. There has never been a satisfactory description of a White person devoid of Whiteness, because no such person exists, nor can they. The title would more honestly read “White People – a Problem for Our Time”.

Incitement of Anti-White Hate

Anti-White hate writ large across the media and society at large. An exploration of projects which unambiguously incite hatred against White people, many of which are funded by government, charities and NGOs. Organisations that create an environment where anti-White views are encouraged and rewarded.

Classroom Anti-White Indoctrination

Many times parents are unaware of the material that school children and college students are exposed to. Examples from the UK and US are explored here. You don’t need to watch many to understand the impact on a whole generation of children.

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