But NHS Tavistock’s anti-White culture continues

Seventeen years after the first whistleblower reported their concerns, the Tavistock’s transgender clinic is finally to be shut down. Years too late, with many children and young people’s lives damaged as a result, but at last action has been taken.

The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust has clearly been driven by a pro-transgender ideology rather than the needs of its patients.

Addressing this issue is just one step along the road, albeit it a very significant one. Equally ideologically driven and still continuing unabated is Tavistock’s anti-White culture. Until this too is addressed Tavistock cannot be trusted to provide the care its patient need, nor a safe working environment for its staff.

The work of the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust has been headline news this week as, finally, it was announced that their transgender clinic is to be shut down following a review that reported it as ‘not safe’ for children.

Letters to The Times from former staff at the clinic provide first-hand insight into how the clinic operated and the experiences of children who were referred there.

Long overdue, we must hope that the regional centres do indeed take the promised holistic approach to caring for these children, not the ideologically driven one clearly pushed at Tavistock.

Our clinical services (tavistockandportman.nhs.uk)

But this decision in no way marks the end of concerns about this NHS trust. While the regional centres will take over responsibility for the Tavistock’s transgender clinic patients, the trust continues to deliver many other services. As stated on their website “We provide clinical services to people with emotional difficulties and other psychological problems.” These range of services include Family drug and alcohol court; Fostering, adoption and kinship care; and Family mental health.

This is the organisation which tells us White people are a ‘problem for our time’. Couched in the language of Critical Race Theory their seminar entitled “Whiteness – A Problem for Our Time” attacks White people, all White people, based on nothing more than their skin colour, race and ancestry. It would be impossible for the organisation to countenance this seminar if it was not driven by an anti-White ideology. Yet it proports to provide ‘mental health care’ for White adults and children.

The seminar, which was held in November 2020 and repeated January 2021 is still featured on YouTube; still provides evidence of their anti-White culture; still incites hatred of White people. How long before this abuse is recognised and brought to an end?

Visit our “Whiteness – A Problem for Our Time ” article to get an insight into just how aggressively the trust vilifies White people, including White infants of not more than four years of age.

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