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Being an advocate for your own race can go hand-in-hand with wishing the same wellbeing for others races.

It is not only White people who speak against the anti-White indoctrination so prevalent in our society. We’re dedicating this page to Non-Whites who have spoken out against the vilification of Whites in our society.

David J Harris Jr

David J Harris Jnr asks “Why is it that I’m called all of the racist slurs in the book, not from white folks… but from black people!

He talks with emotion about White folk “…kneeling and asking forgiveness for nothing they ever did wrong.”

Black Racism… – YouTube

CJ Pearson

Why is it culturally popular and socially acceptable to hate white people? You claim to hate racism, but you practice it so shamelessly.

Straight white men can’t even breathe in America without being attacked. Is this bigotry?

It’s 2019. You were never a slave owner and I was never a slave.

Jesse Lee Peterson

A talk show host and counselor. “For the record, I’m as black as the Ace of Spades and I want my community and America to remain majority White…

Jon Millar

“Hate crimes were invented to harshly, unfairly and unequally punish those who do not enjoy victim status (whites) for the exact same crimes committed by those who do…”

Brandon Tatum

Black man killed three white people, for “being white…” Ooo, the media didn’t post about it so I guess people should turn a blind eye.


“In the UK Zuby talks about the “white British girls systematically groomed and raped over many years. Police hesitate to investigate for fear of being called racist. ‘Woke brigade’ silent on this.

Da, T.R.U.T.H.

We have to stop sanitizing black people and demonizing whites.”

Thomas Sowell

Thomas Sowell is an American economist, social theorist, and senior fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution.

His explanation for the Eurocentric view of slavery makes recommended reading for anyone concerned with understanding what is happening in the West.

Extract from Black Rednecks and White Liberals, Thomas Sowell
Audible Audio Edition available on YouTube

This extract and the entire essay “The Real History of Slavery” by Thomas Sowell, from his book “Black Rednecks and White Liberals” can be listened to here:


Tarnjit Singh Sangha

Published 2 February 2021